After several years competing in tennis (11 years in C.T. Sabadell) and basketball (3 years in C.E. Sant Nicolau); and enjoying other sports; I decided to start karate on 2016… what a cool decision! It increased on me the strength, the self confidence… it gives me the knowledge of very useful self-defense techniques, nice values and a different way to meditate. It also shows me some traits of the Japanese culture.

Nowadays, I’m 2ºKyu (blue belt) in Karate-Do Shorin-Ryu Shin Shu Kan with sensei Alberto Llusiá (8º DAN KIOSHI SHORIN-RYU).

+info about the style: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shōrin-ryū 
+info about my dojo: http://www.gimnasllusia.es


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